Fabr v3

Fabr v2 uses a moving platform for the Z axis. This means it has a maximum volume is quite difficult to change. The platform requires a significant number of moving parts. I had been wondering if I could change fabr so that one axis could be changed out…

For Fabr v3, I wanted to see if I could replace the Y axis with a replaceable platform, driven by an edge motor. With this arrangement, I could replace the platform with any length I needed for the job at hand. I’m not quite sure if this will work, but something I’ve been thinking about.


Super ‘Struder

I’ve been having problems keeping the my extruder up to temperature, and eventually, well dissolved my working extruder. So… I’m building a new ‘super extruder’ based on research by nophead’s work.
Super Extruder - business end
Super Extruder - isolation