Arduino Plugin for TextMate

The Arduino plugin adds a top level menu to TextMate which exposes functionality useful for Arduino development. It also contains a serial monitor which leverages Apple’s terminal application, allowing ANSI escape codes.

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The Arduino menu offers:

  • Port – Exposes currently connected Arduino boards; or a generic ‘any’ option which choose the first board available.
  • Type – A fixed list of board types, which customizes the download and build options
  • Speed – The port speed used for the serial monitor.
  • Serial Monitor – Launches the serial monitor as a separate process; one for each project
  • Compile and Upload – Compiles and uploads the current project to the selected port.


  1. Unpack the Zip file
  2. Copy to ~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Plugins


This plugin is compiled to work only on Leopard.
Please install the Objective Development AVR MacPack.

Changes in Version 2

  • Dropped the Make Controller and renamed to the plugin to Arduino.
  • The Serial monitor was rewritten. It is now a cocoa console app, uses cocoa remoting to allow the TextMate plugin to control the serial monitor – such as releasing the device during a compile and upload or changing the port speed
  • Support for multiple port speeds
  • Support for multiple Arduino (Arduinos? Arduinii? more than 1 Arduino)
  • Sanguino support
  • Stability improvements and bug fixes
  • Independence from Arduino releases
  • Exclusive support for the Objective Development AVRMacPack
  • This plugin is now Leopard only.
  • Now supports standard Arduino programming model (with setup/loop instead of main)

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